Tree Surgery

Tree felling, Pollarding, Re-Shapes, Dead-Wooding, Thinning, Crown-Lifting and Crown Lowering are all specialist skills. Shawn will help you manage all the trees on estate/garden and keep them in tip-top condition.

Planting new trees – up to 15ft 3m.

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Trees give structure and depth to your spaces.

Careful management of the trees and planting new trees keeps everything at it’s best.

Tree Surgery Examples

Shawn up a tree and explanation of the terms used. Always discuss your needs thoroughly before removing a tree.

Tree Felling

This is where we completely remove the tree and we can do this in a couple of way we can remove the tree by climbing up and taken it down in small pieces to make sure no damage is caused by the tree being removed. The other way is to fell the tree from the ground if space allows us to do this safely.

You can then consider planting new trees..

Tree Pollarding

Is a pruning method where the certain trees can be reduced considerably keeping the tree in a smaller and easier to control shape that fits the area that the tree is in. Only certain trees can be pollarded and are mainly hard woods. Annual pollarding may be required to keep the trees at the right shape and to keep them under control..

Tree Thinning

This can apply both to trees in your back garden or in the a wood land. If the tree is a back garden and needs to be thinned this would involve removing any major limbs or branches in the tree that is crossing over and rubbing on other branches in the tree. If it is in a wood land setting then it would be what is called a selective thin and we would go through the woodland and remove any trees that were dead or dying or diseased. We would also remove any trees that were to cose to other trees in the woodland to allow more space for the other trees to grow.

Tree Re-Shape & Pruning

This is where we can reshape a tree or shrub to keep it under control and give it a nice shape. Regular re-shaping will be required to keep the tree or shrub in a nice healthy state.

Tree Dead-Wooding

Is where we would access the trees canopy and remove the dead wood in the tree to make the tree safe so none of the dead wood can fall on the people who may be around the tree.